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  The place you return to that nourishes, supports, and inspires.  When your home's energy is thoughtful and harmonious, it not only reflects your state of mind, it helps to shape it.


  Whether you know exactly what you want to create next in your life's journey or, you are searching for it, I can help you identify it and get there! 

Your body can also be thought of as a house with three floors, 9 rooms, and 10 doors. 

Which rooms to you visit often? Which rooms would be advantageous to be more acquainted with?


  The rooms represent your neurology and to be well adjusted, it's good to have access to all of you and to have options. 

That's where yoga and Feng Shui intersect.  Yoga is Feng Shui for your body and Feng Shui is yoga for your home. 

The theory and technique will help you open rooms that have grown dusty and generate more potential.  




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